Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is certainly nothing new, but more and more of us are using it these days. With your BlackBerry 10 smartphone you get both the Box and Dropbox apps pre-loaded onto the device and thanks to the easy sharing options we have, it's so simple to send a photograph for example up to the cloud. 

I was curious though as to which of the two services the CrackBerry nation prefers. Both Box and Dropbox do pretty much the same job, although the amount of free storage you get does vary. I'm not too sure if it has been this way since BlackBerry 10 was launched, but currently when you sign up to use Box on your BlackBerry you get a generous 10GB of free space in the cloud. Things aren't quite as lavish with Dropbox and your free space is currently just 2GB. This may sound a lot for new users to the cloud, but as cameras get better on smartphones, this means that each picture will take up more space. Once you start adding music, videos and documents that 2GB can get filled up fairly quickly depending on how heavily you wish to use the cloud. 

I'll be honest and say that I prefer Dropbox, although I'm not really sure why. I have a premium account though and pay monthly for over 100GB of space - but that's just me. If you use either Box or Dropbox, hit up the poll below and let us know which one is your cloud storage service of choice? And feel free to tell us why over in the comments.