For many years the Convenience Key was a staple BlackBerry feature, and then it got phased out and we were all forced to get used to it not being there. On the KEYone, I've been loving its return - I initially set it to the launch the Hub, then the camera app, and now I've been using it to launch Voice Search, which I find uber convenient.

Now that so many existing BlackBerry users have gotten used to the Convenience Key not being on the phone, what I'm wondering is how important of a feature is it to you? If your current BlackBerry doesn't have it, are you missing it badly, or did you just get used it? For those lucky people who already have a KEYone, are you finding yourself using it a lot, or is it a meh feature?

Vote on the poll below and drop me a comment on your Convenience Key thoughts. I'm genuinely curious and can't wait to see the results!