BBM Channels

For us folk on team BlackBerry having BBM Channels isn't a new concept, but for our friends on iOS and Android it's still pretty fresh for them. We posted recently that the likes of Coke and the Olympic channels had seen a big increase in subscribers since Channels was introduced to iOS and Android in BBM 2.0 and that's great news. When BBM rolls out to Windows Phone and the forthcoming Nokia X range of phones it's only going to become more mainstream - I hope. 

But I'm wondering how big Channels will get. With BBM growing once again it's the perfect way for big name brands to share their news with subscribers for free. Wouldn't it be great if in the future when we see companies advertising they also include their BBM Channel PIN as well as their website, Twitter, Facebook etc? 

Do you think we will see a surge in the number of big name brands joining BBM Channels? Hit up the following poll and let us know your thoughts?