BBM vs WhatsApp

Here within the CrackBerry community there are always going to be WhatsApp haters, but also lovers. From a personal perspective I think BBM is much better in so many ways, but I still continue to have WhatsApp installed for three or four iPhone users that won't use BBM for whatever reason.

Now that BBM is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone I was wondering if you had ditched WhatsApp in favour of BBM? Or are you like me and still have a few buddies that love their WhatsApp and refuse to give it up?

As we have heard recently; the number of BBM users worldwide has increased to 91 milion and that's fantastic news for BlackBerry. Not just because it shows that users like BBM, but revenue now comes into the equation with the BBM Shop and advertising on BBM Channels.

So cast your vote in the following poll and let's all get a closer insight as to whether the number of WhatsApp users on BlackBerry is shrinking?