Priv by BlackBerry?

Now that it has been a few days and folks have mostly gotten over the initial shock of not only the Priv by BlackBerry name but also the fact that BlackBerry will officially be releasing an Android-powered handset, I wanted to go ahead and sort of revisit a question we raised previously. Back in June, we asked CrackBerry readers 'Would you buy an Android-based BlackBerry?' and at the time, the answer was pretty telling with 53.95% stating that if it was wasn't running BlackBerry 10 they didn't want it while 21.55% voted that they'd love to see BlackBerry hardware coupled with the Android ecosystem.

Now that we know way more about the Priv by BlackBerry and expect to see it released in November, have any of you who voted against the device before changed your minds on it? Judging from some of the posts in the CrackBerry Forums, there's a general feeling that a lot of folks have accepted the changes, even if some still hate the name while a lot of folks still have no interest in the device as long as it's running Android.

Put aside the fact that we still don't know what BlackBerry's Android slider will cost for a moment and use the poll below to let everyone know whether or not you're planning on buying the new Priv by BlackBerry. Of course, as always, feel free to expand on it all in the comments. Once the poll has ran for a while, we'll compare them up with those previously noted to see where folks stand on the Priv, Android and BlackBerry 10.

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