* Update: The results are still pouring in, but I'd say we're at a level of being statistically significant now. And it appears about 1 in 5 BlackBerry users are admitting to feel a little embarassed by their BlackBerry. Keep in mind this poll is on CrackBerry - meaning we could see it bump even higher among the more mainstream base. Even if it not, 1 / 5 is still too high in my opinion, and it only means one thing... RIM has got to get BlackBerry 10 to market asap and tie it to some awesome marketing. In the meantime, be sure to check out our pal Al Sacco's post on CIO he just put up, talking about Why Using a BlackBerry Can Still Be "Cool". *

Here's a poll I never thought I'd be putting up on CrackBerry, but after an article yesterday by the New York Times titled the BlackBerry As Black Sheep (with a post url of blackberry-becomes-a-source-of-shame-for-users), I felt compelled to.

Nicole Perlroth wrote the story for NYT, quoting a sales rep by the name of Ms. Crosby who told Perlroth that she was ashamed of her BlackBerry and that she quit pulling it out at cocktail parties and has resorted to hiding her BlackBerry under her iPad at business meetings.

Personally, what I find shameful here is the article Perlroth wrote, surveying all of 2 people and posting it as representative of BlackBerry users everywhere. Looking at the 100+ comments left to her post, it appears many others agree with my sentiment as they too are tearing into the article.

And honestly, I was contemplating on writing a post here that really tore into it as well (it's not the first time we've had to correct NYT's apparent love for beating up on BlackBerry), but I'm going to take the high road this time around and instead turn it into a poll to see just how many people feel among CrackBerry readers may also feel this way. 

Look, I'm sure there are **some** people out there who may feel embarrassed by their BlackBerry, especially if it's an older, entry level model. I actually heard a local radio announcer just the other week say something very similar to what Ms. Crosby did, so she's not alone. I would assume among BlackBerry's 80+ million user base this is a small issue, but if it's bigger than I expect then it's one that BlackBerry's marketing department is going to have to figure out how to address as BlackBerry 10 advertising ramps up. So vote on the poll above and let us know where you stand, and be sure to sound off in the comments.

As for being referred to as a Black Sheep... well, let's just say I'd rather be called a Black Sheep over an iSheep any day. ;)

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