Apps or games

Since BlackBerry 10 was first launched, one of the main things that always gets stick from the press is BlackBerry App World. We certainly don't have the volume of apps that our Android or iPhone friends have, although I'm a great believer in 'quality, not quantity'. We do have many big name tiles, but there are still a bunch missing, although some third party apps counter balance this. 

Moving forward, BlackBerry is certainly going to focus on the enterprise side of things, but as CEO John Chen recently said, they also are not moving away from the consumer market - which is encouraging. 

What we use our BlackBerry smartphones for will vary from user to user and in addition which device you use may depict whether you are a gamer or an app person. For me, I use the BlackBerry Q10 as my main device. This is because the most important things I use my smartphone for is communication and productivity - and you won't ever find me without it on my person. Other people may well favor the all touch BlackBerry's as gaming is not only better on a larger display, but there are more games available to the Z30 & Z10

So which is most important to you as a BlackBerry user? Hit up the poll below and give us an insight as to what you want from your BlackBerry in the future. Maybe BlackBerry will meet us in the middle at some point and give us a larger touch device, but still with a hardware keyboard.