CrackBerry On-Device App Store Client

Back on June 3rd we posted that the CrackBerry App Store client was now official and out of beta, but following that release still found we had a few bugs affecting a small portion of users that needed to be ironed out. The current CrackBerry App Store version -- 1.04 -- should address the lingering issues those user's faced. You can download the updated version from within the client itself (Check for Updates) or just point your BlackBerry's web browser to if you have yet to give it a go. You don't need to delete any previously installed versions before upgrading. And if by chance you do experience any bugs, you can email them in to crackberrysupport @

20% Off App Sale: To compensate for the problems some users experienced we are extending the grand opening sale with 20% off all software until July 4. The coupon code is  appstore. In addition, we've queued up a bunch more top-sellers for the Deal-of-the-Day which will be offered for 50% off. These apps include PeekaWho Email SMS Alerts, Par 72 Golf II, BatteryBooster, and NextAction.