CrackBerry App AwardsWelcome to the CrackBerry App Awards 2010!

Following up on the 2009 CrackBerry Awards, we've changed things up slightly for 2010. This year we're focusing on BlackBerry applications only (last year we did accessories too), and we're announcing the winners live at the CrackBerry App Awards party in San Francisco during the BlackBerry Developer Conference.

The awards party takes place Wednesday, September 29th from 7 to 10pm and is being hosted by our friends at Xobni. The event is being sponsored by the BlackBerry Partners Fund so free drinks and good times are guaranteed. Shuttles will be going from DevCon to the party (if you're at DevCon, you won't miss it!). If you'd like to attend the CrackBerry App Awards, please RSVP here.

*The winners are in - click here to see the full list of results!!*

CrackBerry App Award 2010 Nominees

Please Note: These are nominee listings (no particular order). The winners will be announced at the CrackBerry Awards Party on September 29th.

There are 15 awards categories this year. 11 are application categories, three are developer awards (best app, game and theme developer of the year awards) and finally is the CrackBerry Editor's Choice awards, which don't have nominees but will be announced at the CrackBerry App Awards party. 

There are five finalists in each app and developer awards category. Nominees were both submitted by the CrackBerry community (see post) and by members of the Crack team (writers, moderators, etc.). Some categories had many more than five nominees, so the Crack Academy argued back and forth to narrow it down to the final five for this year. It wasn't an easy task, but it had to be done. Also, with so many types of apps available, we know not every single category of app is covered here - we couldn't let the awards get to out of control. Just as we have improved from 2009 to 2010, we'll stride to be even more all encompassing in 2011. Truly, just being nominated is an award in itself.

Best BlackBerry App of 2010 Award Nominees

 IM/Social Location Based
 Music & Audio
Utility - general
Utility - OS enhancement
Editor's Choice
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Best BlackBerry Developer of the Year Nominees 

This year's nominated developers are responsible for a lot of the apps, games and themes we know and love on BlackBerry. We've included just a sample in case you're not familiar with the name, but you'll want to check out their developer sites and pages to see everything else they've made too!

Best BlackBerry App Developer of the Year:

Best BlackBerry Game Developer of the Year:

Best BlackBerry Theme Developer of the Year:

CrackBerry App Award 2010 Winners!

Devcon 2010 has officially come to a close and it was a great success all around. Closing out the week with a BANG (literally, you should have heard the sound effects!) we held our first live CrackBerry App Awards on Wednesday night and had an amazing turnout. There was plenty of food, booze and good times to be had. HUGE thanks go to Xobni, the BlackBerry Partners Fund and everyone that came out to enjoy the party.

Lots of the winners were in attendance so we got to hand out our special spinning Cracky trophies in person. We're also doing up some special graphics for the winners to use on their websites, promo materials, etc. (we'll follow up directly with those shortly). We also have plenty of video from the night on the way, but for now keep reading for the full list of this years winners as well as some photos from the event.

Game Business/Finance IM/Social
Winner: Pinball Deluxe Winner: Documents to Go
Winner: Twitter for BlackBerry
Runner Up: Druglord Wars 2
Runner Up: Paypal
Runner Up: Facebook
Location Based
Music/Audio Health/Wellness
Winner: Google Maps
Winner: Pandora Winner: GymTechnik
Runner Up: Poynt
Runner Up: Slacker
Runner Up: Roadrunner GPS
News/Weather Utility - General
Utility - OS
Winner: BerryWeather Winner: Tether Winner: QuickLaunch
Runner Up: Viigo
Runner Up: SmrtGuard
Runner Up: BerryBuzz
Sports Media  
Winner: Score Mobile
Winner: Player for YouTube
Runner Up: Runner Up: CB Wallpaper Changer
App Developer
Game Developer
Theme Developer
Winner: Bellshare Winner: Mobigloo Winner: Hedone Designs
Runner Up: Xtreme Labs
Runner Up: Magmic Runner Up: WJD Designs
Editors Choice Awards
App World 2.0
CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer

CB App Awards
Bartenders Getting Ready!


CB App Awards
Restrooms Prepared for the onslaught of people!


CB App Awards
The awards ceremony kicking off!

Jeff from Xobni
Jeff from Xobni gets things rolling

CrackBerry App Awards trophy
Xobni's well-deserved Cracky!