Yep. It's true. We tested it. The latest update to the CrackBerry app for Android is now rolling out through the Google Play Store and overall, the app will run much smoother now, and use less battery!

Hello! It's been awhile. But we have not been at rest. No, sir! We've been diligently adding the following great features:

  • Change Dark Background to true black (helpful for OLED screens)
  • Remove Play Services App Invites functionality
  • Update SDK to Nougat
  • Added Open Source Attribution
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Yeah, the last one sounds generic, but the app should run much smoother now, and use less battery!

As noted, we've made a few other changes within but the big one is the whole running smoother and using less battery fix. If you already have the app downloaded, you should be seeing an update available. If you've not given the app a go as of yet, no time like the present.

Download the official CrackBerry app from the Google Play Store

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