blackberry india

It seems CrackBerry addiction is a worldwide phenomenon. Just read this article, "Oh BlackBerry, I pray to thee" from the India Wall Street Journal.

In India, where a lot of executives communicate with business associates in North America, it means either sitting up all night answering e-mails or finding a way to put the BlackBerry away for the night. As a result, Indian BlackBerry users are trying to find ways of balancing their lives.

A BlackBerry user for 18 months, among India’s early converts, B.A.N. Sharma, vice-president of an information services company in Chennai, details how he went through a BlackBerry “life cycle” -- initially quite attached and obsessed—then resentful. Finally, he learned how to use the BlackBerry as a tool to better balance work and family, instead of intruding on them.

The author of the article also interviewed our very own Kevin Michaluk at the WES Conference and took some sage advice from North America back to the subcontinent on how to balance life and business. We are not sure if he is taking it though.