This Saturday I'll be making the voyage back to North America, but before I leave wanted us to get in one more CrackBerry Podcast from abroad so I could talke about some of my adventures in Paris. The stories are actually pretty exciting, including a mugging, a CrackBerry meetup and the discovery of my next new favorite beverage, the Monaco (seriously, between my love for Campari and the Monaco, maybe there's just something I love about red drinks).

Before we get to the story portion of the show, we cover all of the BlackBerry news of the week. 10.2.1 is here in leaked and beta form, allowing for Android .apk files to be installed on BB10. We talk about the newly-announced P'9982 -- I'm totally going to try and get my hands on a crocodile limited edition version -- and we talk about how things seem to be off to a good start with a new CEO at the helm of the company.

We also have a very special guest on this episode. From the CrackBerry forums, we have member SuperFly_FR. If you're active on CB, you'll of course know the name. AKA Antoine, he's super passionate about BlackBerry and at our CrackBerry meetup I found we had some excellent discussions and debates. A big welcome to him on the show.  

Ok, enough chat. Watch the video above, or listen to the audio below. Enjoy the show!

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Some photos from the BlackBerry France meetup!

Thanks to David Bensimon for kicking this off, and props to all my new friends at and (who all are frequent visitors and big fans of CrackBerry!).