The best BlackBerry 10 app keeps on getting better! You can now download CB10 v1.2 from BlackBerry World (learn how).

As promised, v1.2 adds support for commenting on articles. We wanted to build support for article comments into the first version of the app, but the old CrackBerry website didn't have support for our commenting api. With the new CrackBerry website now here, so is support for comments. CB10 app users have already discovered the feature even before we could get this post blogged up - scroll through the comments to our recent articles and you'll find no shortage of Posted via CB10 signatures. 

Beyond article commenting, we've rolled out a number of other features (including forum search) and fixed a number of bugs. Hit up the gallery above for a visual walk through and keep reading for the full change log.

CB10 v1.2 Change Log

New Features:

  • Article Comments: You can now post comments, also changed to display 50 comments per page.
  • Forums Search: Search the forums from within the app.
  • Forums and Thread Subscriptions: Manage and view your forums and thread subscriptions.
  • Forums Attachment Uploads & Downloads: Download any and all attachments to your BB10 device. Uploads only support images at this time.
  • Double-tap header to scroll to top.
  • Background downloads (while the device is sleeping) are now a toggle in settings
  • Action Menus more consistent
  • Several new icons

Bug Fixes in this Release:

  • Rewrote Authentication system
  • Added Progress Indicator on Account Page
  • Fixed crash in forums when not online
  • Fixed crash on app closure
  • Fixed page skipping in forums thread
  • Share/Save As Actions on Images improved

Known Issues in this build:

  • Scrolling to your posted comment has issues when the comment you are replying to has multiple nested comments.
  • App may show white pages if you are in offline mode. Close and open app to resolve. 
  • We've got a little typo on the word participated. Already fixed for next build.

Future Roadmap: 

  • Support for Landscape Orientation: Coming in next build (see screen shots in gallery)
  • Active Links in Articles: Articles linked in other articles will open in app instead of in browser view.
  • Private Messages
  • Sliding Featured Stories Block
  • Article Image Galleries
  • Push Notifications
  • Fix Character issues in Forums
  • Passport Profile Pages
  • Wallpaper Gallery
  • Podcast Player

If you're rocking a BlackBerry Z10 and haven't downloaded our CB10 app yet from BlackBerry World, do yourself a favor and grab it right now.

Download CB10 from BlackBerry World
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