The most highly-rated BlackBerry 10 app in BlackBerry World is already better! We rolled out our CrackBerry 10 app to rave reviews, and with our version 1.1 update coming just a week later we've already taken it next level.

If you already have the CB10 app installed on your device, you'll want to update it via BlackBerry World immediately (learn how). V1.10 has some bug fixes and adds additional features like support for Active Frames and BBM integration. You can hit up the full change log below. And if you own a Z10 and haven't downloaded it yet, what are you waiting for? Get your download on!

For those of you without Z10s still, you can get a look at what you're missing in the video above. The CB10 app is Built for BlackBerry through and through, is fast and is just an awesome way to get all of CrackBerry's content.

Change log for CrackBerry 10 version 1.1

New Features:  

  • Ability to Edit Forum Posts
  • BBM Integration: Invite BBM contacts to download CB10
  • Active Frames: Displays the ten latest articles
  • Improved Sharing: Share via Email now presets Subject line, and share messages are now styled cleaner.
  • Added progress indicator in Shop section
  • New Settings: Custom Signature, Disable Notifications for Articles, Shortcut to Device Notification Settings, Custom Sync Interval

Bug Fixes:

  • Featured article is now rendering properly
  • Forum Likes Count fixed
  • Forum Posts stripped of HTML when sharing via Email
  • Crash when closing Forum pages while still loading
  • Forum category links now parsed properly

Coming Soon:

We'll be releasing updates on an almost weekly basis over the next two months as we continue to build out the feature set. Remember, the ability to comment in the blogs via the app is coming just as soon as we push through with our CrackBerry website relaunch. We already have blog commenting up and running in our 1.2 beta running via our dev servers - so it'll be here soon.

Note to those Upgrading:

In most cases the upgrade should go smoothly, but in some cases you may run into a cookie issue, where when you go to the forums to look at your threads, etc. it may show blank. If you notice this, simply delete the app from your phone and quickly reinstall it from BlackBerry World. We're working on figuring out the best way to address this in future upgrades.

Submit your Feeback and Report Bugs:

If you come across and bugs or have ideas for new features, be sure to report them in our CrackBerry Apps forum.    

Download CrackBerry 10 for your BlackBerry Z10 from BlackBerry World