During our Birthday festivities last week we told you that our friends at Coveroo would be unveiling something cool this week... and they did!

Whereas the previous Coveroo offering was simply an engraving, now you can go either luxurious or funky by getting your battery cover inlaid with stainless steel, gold, high-gloss color or glow-in-the-dark materials. Awesome!! If you haven't been by their site in a while, you should check it out. They're supporting way more devices now and have grown their offering of licensed artwork, which includes some fun new ones like Garfield, Family Guy, Dexter, The Tudors, Resident Evil 5, and Todd Harris Goldman. And of course, the Coveroo is in their catalogue as well if you gotta have it. I think I'm going to order the Stainless Silver as a little present for myself! Visit >>