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Many people are starting to switch from Excel to Google Sheets, a lighter alternative. Go Fast with Google Sheets helps you master the app, and you can get the course now for only $15.99.

Excel is a powerful tool for working with data, but it can be pretty slow and cumbersome. If you only need to work with spreadsheets or you want to work online, Google Sheets might suit you better.

Through one hour of hands-on tutorials, this course helps you make the switch. The training starts from scratch, showing you how to navigate the interface and use basic shortcuts.

Later on, you learn how to format cells, add comments, use formulas, and design charts at speed. The focus is on helping you work smarter, not harder.

Your instructor is Grant Klimaytys, a former Google engineer and app developer. He has helped over 241,000 students and earned 4.2 stars in Udemy.

This course normally sells for $199, but you can currently get lifetime access for just $15.99 with this deal.


Go Fast with Google Sheets (Excel Alternative) – $15.99

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