Nagualep Na2 Scraps CesSource: CrackBerry

CES 2023

Composting is a great way to manage food waste, but it's so slow and it requires either large equipment or outdoor space you can dedicate to a pile of rotting biological material. That's a problem that Nagualep is trying to solve with their NA-2 countertop composter. Throw your scraps from cooking, or leftover bits after you're done eating, into the ceramic basket and it'll go to work. By applying heat up to 126ºC / 260ºF and a ceramic shredding blade the NA-2 quickly desiccates and chops down all manner of scraps into waste that's great for use as a fertilizer or animal feed. And it does all of this in one to five hours.

Nagualep's goal is to dramatically reduce the amount of food waste that just goes into the trash and is sent to a landfill to rot. Instead, everything from vegetable cuttings to egg shells to chicken bones can be chucked into the NA-2. Seal the lid and let it run. No more throwing these bits of food into the trash, or washing them down a sink garbage disposal.

You might be thinking this would be a noisy or smelly machine, but it's not so. While the CES 2023 show floor is a noise place, I was standing right next to a running Nagualep NA-2 and didn't even hear it. My hand on it could pick up some slight vibrations, but it wasn't bad at all. Because the NA-2 is more on the side of dehydrating materials than actively breaking them down with bacteria it doesn't create much odor at all, and it's run through a carbon filter to catch any smells that try to escape. In fact, the processed materials will have been reduced in volume by almost 80% (amazing how much space water takes up) and come out sterilized.

This won't be a cheap option, though. After seeing some success in crowded metropolitan areas like Japan and Korea, Nagualep is aiming to launch the NA-2 in the USA in 2023 at a cost of around $650.