Curious how many days till the NFL draft or maybe counting the days till your family vacation? Then Twinkle by Ebscer is the app for you! See exactly how many days till that special event with one glance. Twinkle allows you to set and keep track of any upcoming (and past) events.

Twinkle shows you how far away an event is and lets you share it with friends through BBM, Facebook and Twitter. Twinkle offers you full integration with the native BlackBerry calendar and gives you the option to synchronize events and import/export them from one calendar to another. You can also sync with Facebook events and import birthdays/anniversaries from the native contacts app.

The Review

Twinkle New Event

Developer: Ebscer Version (at time of review):4.0
File Size: 102 KB
OS Requirements: Smartphone: 5.0 +
Cost: FREE Website:

The latest update brings Twinkle to version 4.0 and with it a couple of new features listed below.

Calendar Sync

Twinkle Calendar Sync

Twinkle now offers a new page that allows you to synchronize an existing calendar with Twinkle. You choose which calendars to sync and whether to exclude past events. Changes are synced across the calendar applications. If you disable sync that calendar’s events will be automatically deleted from Twinkle.

Improved BBM Sharing

Share option

Version 3.0 first introduced events being shared over BBM but only if both users have Twinkle installed. With the newest version of the application, you can now share events with your BBM friends even if they don’t yet have Twinkle installed on their device. OS 7 device users can post events to Facebook and Twitter.


Main Screen

The default setting of Twinkle places events in chronological order. This means that if you don’t delete past events (or set them to automatically expire) the top events would all have taken place in the past. Version 4.0 gives a “Closest First” option. This option sorts events based on their proximity to the current date.

by Ebscer


  • Quick, simple and easy to use. There is really no guess work here. You choose the settings and then you’re done. Twinkle will count down the days and hours until your event. Top it all off with a FREE price tag and it’s a winner!


  • I noticed that if you have a birthday for a contact it will duplicate it with a Facebook entry as well. If I deleted one of them, it would reappear the next time I opened the app. I’d also like to pick which events to import. I don’t necessarily need a countdown to my daily workouts.

The Bottom Line

I’ve tried similar apps and this one is just as good as the paid ones. Aside from duplicate entries, the app really doesn’t have a flaw and won’t take up much space on your device. Really can’t hurt to download and give it a try. More information / download Twinkle

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