For around three months now we've heard rumors and tidbits of information about the BlackBerry KEY2, formerly codenamed "Athena" but come June 7th, BlackBerry Mobile will announce the all-new Android-powered smartphone and fill in some of the still missing info.

Granted, at this point, it might not seem as though there's much left to unveil but digging through the teaser and leaks tells a different story. There's plenty for BlackBerry Mobile to announce yet, such as the price, when it will be available, what that mysterious new button does as well as the official specs. All of that is currently based on rumors and speculation.

Plus, there's been discrepancies in the renders and photos. Will there be a silver and a black version? If so, will they both have the same specs or will it be like the rollout of the KEYone Black Edition where the storage and RAM got bumped up but so did the price? It's all still unknown.

There is still lots to tune in for on June 7th, and the countdown has now begun! CrackBerry Kevin has already headed to New York, and I'm heading out soon so I can be there to take in the event live myself rather than just watching the live stream, check out the pop-up showroom, and attend the BlackBerry KEY2 pop-up after party. Did you register? If so, I hope to see you there. Be sure to say hello!

On that note, I still need to pack. I leave in 20 minutes. I'm pretty terrible at waiting until the last minute to do that, but it should go without saying, the blogs are about to light up with lots of BlackBerry KEY2 news and content and you'll undoubtedly want to stay tuned for all the latest!

In the meantime, go ahead and drop some of your thoughts, hopes, and expectations for the BlackBerry KEY2 in the comments. It's always fun to look back at those after all has been revealed! Also, while I have your attention, Russell Holly wrote up a fantastic article on Android Central covering why he is excited about the BlackBerry KEY2, be sure to give that a look!