A countdown application on my BlackBerry isn't one I have thought about using - until today. I spotted CountDown, which is Built for BlackBerry in BlackBerry World, downloaded it and after giving it a go I decided this could be the end of an age old problem I suffer from - forgetting birthdays!

Of course you aren't just limited to adding birthdays to your reminders - you can add absolutely anything. Maybe if you have concert tickets booked that you are rather excited about this would be a great way of seeing that special date get closer and closer.

As you will see in the video; the default colors for the app are black and white but these can all be customized, allowing you to make the app your own, which I really dig.

With the option also to send the reminder into your native BlackBerry 10 calendar it's a sure fire way of not forgetting certain things or just keeping an eye on how close they are getting. I'm going to continue to use CountDown and fingers crossed it will prevent me from leaving many things until the last possible moment - something I'm an expert at!

CountDown is free to download and is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Let us know your thoughts if you give this one a whirl?

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