Now a days it is very important to many to watch what they are eating, and to ensure that they are getting the proper amount of nutrients during the day, and without having intense knowledge about it knowing what to eat and what to substitute can be a bit difficult. At the end of March the folks at MyFitnessPal LLC brought their extremely popular Calorie Counter application to BlackBerry devices, and it is a great tool to help you manage your caloric intake on a daily basis. Initiail set up is quite simple, they ask for you height, current weight, goal weight, and your activity level, then after selecting how much weight you want to lose per week it will set a calorie goal for you per day.

Simply add the foods, drinks and snacks you have throughout the day as you consume them, and add any type of extra activities you are doing, be it a walk, run, or any other cardio activity, and it will update accordingly. Users can weigh themselves every night, and enter the information which will generate a weight loss graph for you, and also after all foods for the day have been entered, and you select to submit them, it will tell you how much you would weigh if you continued to eat like you did that day in five weeks. For a free application, this offers plenty of features, and is a huge help for anyone who needs a bit of extra help in shedding some extra pounds they have been carrying around, so be sure to grab your very own copy from AppWorld today.

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