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Word on the street is that China Mobile and RIM are currently piecing together plan rates for BIS. In other words, they are reportedly planning to expand BlackBerry service to individual users. In Guangdong, GoTone customers have had two plans made available to them, priced at 98 Yuan (Renminbi) and 108 Yuan (approximately $14.41 and $15.89 USD, respectively). Currently, enterprises act as BES wholesalers (unofficially) for individual users in some cities across the country. With BIS in place, customer will be able to pay for plans straight from China Mobile.

TAIWAN, August 25, SinoCast -- China Mobile, the largest mobile telecom operator in China, is said to join hands with RIM on the acceleration of the preparatory work on the Blackberry individual business, including achieving the connection between the Blackberry business and provincial charging systems of China Mobile.

On July 8, RIM, China Mobile, and Digital China jointly launched Blackberry 8910curve and opened up the Blackberry enterprise service (BES) to individual customers for the first time. Meanwhile, the Blackberry Internet service (BIS) for the individual market was said to have accepted beta test in some areas in China.

People in charge at China Mobile disclosed that the operator and RIM were carrying out adjustment and connection between the Blackberry business and each provincial charging system, and it still needed some time achieve scale promotion of the Blackberry individual business.

As to rumors that China Unicom, the second largest mobile telecom operator in China, was to launch Blackberry business in November, RIM China General Manager denied the rumors, adding that the company has only cooperated with two Chinese operators China Mobile and China Telecom.

Keep in mind that users will not have access to BlackBerry browsing with BIS. Currently, RIM does not have a NOC in China, but customers will be able to get access through the China Mobile portal.

Source: www.bjd.com.cn

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