karl rove blackberry

Addiction had its costs and we are about to find out how much is going to cost White House puppeteer, advisor and all around dark force Karl Rove.

The Democrat-led United States Congress is currently investigating shenanigans at the Bush White House. Democrats claim a number of US attorneys were fired for political reasons and have demanded the White House turn over their e-mails regarding the matter, which have to be kept on file and are subject to oversight by the Congress.

However, it turns out White House staffers may have been deliberately using Republican National Committee(RNC) e-mail accounts to avoid congressional scrutiny. E-mails already examined suggest that White House officials were made aware of the need to avoid the White House e-mail system when discussing certain issues.

Now that this has come to light, surprise, surprise, the RNC announced that it had lost most of those e-mails. And many of them come from senior Bush advisor and architect of his contentious election victories, Karl Rove (pictured above center).

How does that relate to BlackBerries? Well, according to Washington blogger TPMuckracker, Rove is a major league CrackBerry addict. According to an insider who writes for the blog, Karl Rove is “surgically attached to his Blackberry.”

Furthermore, Rove who dodged indictment last year in the Scooter Libby case, is so addicted that "When he's not on the phone, he's tapping e-mail messages into his handheld Blackberry, staying in the loop, even when he's out of the office.” Rove had one of the first e-mail programs available and one of the first BlackBerries. The insider goes on by revealing that Rove “used the Blackberry in the Eisenhower building while sharing discreet chuckles with Andrew Card and Condoleezza Rice, and in a domestic policy meeting in the Roosevelt Room. He's been known to use it in bed, while driving and when quail hunting down in South Texas...tapping away...during the shoot. In fact, he even uses it to e-mail colleagues in the same room.” So your basic CrackBerry addict then.

Now all those e-mails are missing. But as the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Democratic Senator Partick Leahy pointed out yesterday “You can't erase e-mails, not today. They've gone through too many servers. Those e-mails are there -- they (the White House) just don't want to produce them. It's like the infamous 18-minute gap in the Nixon White House tapes.”