Cortado Flight Mode

Ever been sitting on the plane mid-flight when you decided to pull out your BlackBerry and catch up on reading some emails, only to realize that half of them have not fully downloaded, and with no data connection you can't fetch the rest? Don't worry, you aren't alone. It happens to a lot of people, as we never really think about it because generally we have a data connection and we can download the extra. Luckily the folks at Cortado have created a simple way to solve this issue.

Cortado Flight Mode is a great application that allows users to switch their device to Flight Mode by turning off all wireless connections, but it is delayed by a user defined interval (set standard to 60 seconds) allowing recent mail to continue to pull from the server and store on your device. By pulling the mail from the server, users will no longer be stuck with only part of the email on their device wishing they could read the rest, instead they will have the contents of the email, but attachments will not automatically be downloaded. Fear not, if you are a heavy email user, you can set it to only pull contents of emails from the last 24 hours, or light users can remove that cap and have it set to pull all of them. Upon landing, simply launch the application again and it will re-establish your connections for you and you are good to go. For only $1.99 this is a great application for those e-mail hungry, travel happy individuals.

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