Corky Notes for BlackBerry 10 has been around since July 2013 and it's just had quite a major overall bringing it to version 3.0.1. We've posted recently about a few other note taking apps but this one still remains a firm favorite of mine since I first reviewed it

Quite simply - Corky Notes is a post-it style note taking app but one with a twist. It's free too which always goes down well - although there is a pro edition for a few more features.

With a double tap on the screen you can create a note and you get a choice of colors to choose from (the default is changeable) as well as a date when the task is due by. Sharing is included - just drag the note to the bottom left and your BlackBerry Hub will open with all your sharing options - perfect. 

As you'll see below the list is quite extensive so another fine job by a dedicated BlackBerry 10 developer.

Corky Notes v 3.0.1 Release Notes "Simplification and performance"

Feature Additions

  • Toggle app performance: trade appearance for performance
  • Export notes in any tab
  • Import notes to any tab
  • Note deletion indicator pop-up can be turned off
  • Manual restoration of past purchase of additional feature

Due Date

  • Select calendar Corky Notes integrates to
  • Select time with the date the note is due
  • Set due date for individual notes and mix them up with regular notes instead of making the entire app “due date mode”

Active Frame

  • Select which tabs the Active Frame can choose notes from to display
  • Toggle Active Frame to off and display static image to save battery life

UX Enhancements

  • Huge performance boost
  • Creating new note is simplified
  • Tab switched notification (can be turned off in settings)
  • Splash Screen

Due Date

  • Setting due date on a note creates a due date badge with time sensitive colors (Green - not due, Blue - due today, Red - past due)
  • Due date badge also displays number of days left/remaining until the due date

Active Frame

  • The tab name and icon are shown to display which the note belongs in
  • Due date badge also shows up in Active Frame for notes with due dates set

Bug Fixes

  • General - Notes lost due to complete battery drain of the device eliminated
  • Due Date - Editing a calendar entry that doesn’t exist in the native Calendar application creates a new calendar entrt

Active Frame

  • Battery drain bug eliminated
  • When there’s no note to display, it now displays “no notes” instead of a blank note

More information/Download Corky Notes for BlackBerry 10