I'm a bit of a sucker when it comes to note taking applications. Normally I'm not at all bothered about nice colors - I just want the app to do its job. Then I discovered Corky Notes for BlackBerry 10 which brought back the good old days of when I didn't use a smartphone but used post-it-notes.

Corky Notes is a free download from BlackBerry World, however there is a slight catch which will sucker you in. The free version only allows you to use a few notes and you can't change the color of them - so I was forced to make the in-app purchase of the full version, which was only $1.99. So now I'm able to have as many notes as I want, choose from a selection of colors and also the style of the note.

A single tap of the note will bring it up full screen and here you can change the text you have input as well as alter the color of the note once again. When you are done with a note you just drag it to the bottom right of the display where there is a recycle bin logo and off it goes.

Sharing is also integrated into the app which is always nice to see - this time drag a note to the share icon (bottom left) and your BlackBerry Hub will open giving you the option to share with any accounts you have in there.

And that pretty much sums it up. It's colorful, yet simple to use and kind of looks pretty. If a note taking app is a must for you give this one a try - I think it's here to stay for me. You can download the free version for both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 below:

More information/Download Corky Notes for BlackBerry 10