Droid 2.0

No sooner had I written off my favorite theme designer did I get an email from Corey Visto of Visto Themes. With Corey having upgraded to a Bold (like many in the CrackBerry community), I hadn't seen a good theme churned out for my Curve from him in quite a while.  It seems he felt my pain, and spent a good deal of time finding icons and backgrounds for his latest creation - Droid 2.0.  An obvious take from Google's Android, Droid 2.0 brings the sleek icons, greens and grays straight to BlackBerry.  It doesn't do anything fancy like slide out or pop up - which is fine by me - it just looks damn good.  I like the icons and the clean fonts and colors.  If you're up for a change from that iPhone theme you've been using, and didn't pick up Jason Calhoun's DroidBerry theme for the Bold yet that Bla1ze blogged on a few days back, definitely check out Droid 2.0 in the ShopCrackberry.com store. Two Android-inspired themes in a week? I wonder how long it will be before we see a PreBerry theme hit the store?! :-)