BB Android Theme

In my endless pursuit for the perfect theme for my 8830, I stumbled across BB Droid.  Modeled after Google Android, the theme is bright and bold and definitely worth my six bucks.  Corey Visto has had a few previous themes that I've been a fan of, but this one tops my list. The simplicity is amazing. The title bar simply shows a battery and signal meter, date, time and usage icons (bluetooth etc.).  Clean and compact - the way it should be. The application icons are very vibrant and easily distinguished from one another. The most interesting thing is that, as in all of Corey's theme, the Profiles icon is invisible. This is party due to limitations of the current version of the theme maker, but mostly to keep the clutter out of the banner. I really dig that in this theme. I usually just use the keyboard shortcut to get to my profiles anyway, so the icon not being there doesn't really bother me. The fact that it keeps the banner so simple is great. I never really check it on my other themes to see what profile I'm in, so this is a great feature in my opinion. All in all this is one great theme (if you can pull yourself away from our free and favorite User and Abuser Themes that is, which were created by JC Designs). The theme can be downloaded OTA only after a quick Paypal payment to Corey Visto and is available in Zen, Icon, and Today styles for the 7100, 8100, 8300, 8700, and 8800 series.

To grab your copy, use the links below:

  • Zen Theme - Pearl, 8700 Series, 8800 Series
  • Icon Theme - Pearl, 8700 Series, 8800 Series
  • Today Theme - Pearl, 8700 Series, 8800 Series  

For more great themes from Corey, browse his selection available at