Back in my Photoshop days of designing projects for work, it was important at times to choose the proper color for exhibits and marketing materials. As there was no preset color scheme, I sometimes employed color palette cards for individuals to choose amongst. Once chosen I would then input the corresponding HEX or RGB number to achieve the desired effect. To simplify this process, the developer behind Cella came up with cooler, a designer tool for creating color combinations. 

No matter where you are a quick swipe or tap allows you to experiment and preview different color schemes and palettes and share them with friends or colleagues. What is helpful is that it translates them into their respective HEX, RGB, and HSV codes. This Built for BlackBerry application is certainly not for everyone and if there ever comes a time when you need a quick reference for a specific color this handy tool is at your disposal for $.99 for BlackBerry 10. There is also a free limited version available as well if you would like to try it out first.

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