In my experience preparing expense reports or training others how to do so, one issue comes up time and time again, and that is currency conversion. For employees who did not use their corporate card, sitting at your desk figuring out the rate was both time consuming, confusing, and difficult. Not to mention foreign travel and converting to the metric system.

That is where Convertly comes into play as it goes above and beyond in terms of functionality. This unit and currency conversion application is specifically designed for BlackBerry 10 and as it is from the developer behind ARKick, provides a solid experience for users on a daily basis.

All of the units and are neatly arranged in a black and grey checkerboard design. The icons are simple and easy to identify as they stand out in bright pink against the dark background by default. If you find this difficult to read at any time, simply tap on the theme button at the bottom and select from among the six color options. For me, the only screen that poses an issue is the conversion screen itself. The dark font against the slightly dark colors can be problematic to read at times depending on the lighting around you.

Currently, there are 24 different categories, broken down into 167 different live currency units, which users may access quickly in any given situation. However, they are not arranged in alphabetical order but rather what they determined to be the most used categories. For the full list of supported units, users should look no further than the description in BlackBerry World.


  • Convert between 24 different categories of units
  • Live updated currency conversions
  • 167 currencies to convert
  • 6 different themes to skin your app
  • Base converter (binary, decimal, hexadecimal, octadecimal)
  • Automatic unit conversions
  • Adaptive rearrangement of home screen, based on most used categories
  • Extremely fluid workflow
  • Simple and easy to use one-stop app for all your converting needs
  • Keyboard input for BlackBerry Q devices
  • Optimized for the Blackberry Z10, Z30, Q10, Q5 and Porsche Design P'9982

Being the development team behind ARKick, you know the interface is going to be smooth. The aforementioned layout is simple and you simply tap on a unit category and select your units. The shaded box allows you to clear the selection and choose the "from" unit by tapping and scrolling through the list, while the area below is the unit or measurement you wish to convert to and operates the same way. Once both are selected and you input in the amount using the keypad, conversion is automatic.

Basically, this all-one-one conversion application offers about every unit and category one can think of for everyday use or when traveling. Considering the hard work and dedication they have shown with their other applications, they demonstrated the passion with this one. For only $0.99, this handy and useful tool is certainly one to add to your list.

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