Convertinator for BlackBerry PlayBook is a free application that recently was open sourced by the developer which allows you to input a measurement in a defined currency and then it will show on the right hand side the converted values. Convertinator gives you the option to put in various units to be measured such as area, cooking, length, temperature, time, weight and various others as well.

Once you select which measurement you need to convert you can select which base unit you want to convert from, and as you enter it the right hand side of the chart is converting in real time. On the right hand side you will see all the various values and then next to them you will see the value of the conversion. For example, if you launch the length tab, and select foot for your measurment and enter 3600 you will see that it is equal to 1.0972 kilometers, or 0.5924 nautical miles.

The developers understand that various currencies change with time, and to help ensure that you are always using the most current values they have given the ability to update from within the application. You can decide whether you want to have the currency update automatically with the option for manual checks, or only have it done manually if you wish.If you were to launch the currency tab to see how many USD the Canadian item you are about to purchase is, you would then realize that the 275 CAD price tag was equal to $274.73 USD as of today.

The developer has been kind enough to offer up his source code for the application so you can add to it, pull from it, and tweak it to your liking. Open source software is a huge help to other developers, allows applications to grow, and helps bring the developer community closer. Whether you want to convert from your known measurement or to your known measurement Convertinator is a great free option for your BlackBerry PlayBook. 

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