I’ll have to come out and say it, adding contacts to my address book is just a pain. First you open the app, edit contact field upon contact field, then save the contact. Only then do you realize that you didn’t enter the email address correctly. You’d think that with the technology we have this could be easier. This is where an application like Card2Contact comes in handy. Card2Contact allows you to easily take photos of business cards while you’re at an event or when you’ve just met that important business executive. Later, upload those photos into the application and have them converted into address book entries without you doing any of the legwork.

The best part yet is that humans, real living people, verify the image and because of that, Card2Contact claims their service is 100% accurate. Card2Contact is supported on all devices running OS 5-7 and while the app itself is free you’ll get 4 credits to start and then the cost is $10 for 30 credits. Let us know in the comments how you enter people into your BlackBerry, the old fashioned way, or by using technology.

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