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We're well into week two of exploring all the new features in OS 2.0 on our BlackBerry PlayBooks.  I am really hoping that you've had a change to try out the BlackBerry Remote feature among all the other new features to play with.

Let me paint a little picture: You're sitting on the couch having a drink, maybe even eating your favorite snack and you want to play some movies that you've bought on the PlayBook via the Video Store. In a typical tablet world you would get up (since your tablet would be tethered to your TV,) walk over and select a movie, go back and get comfortable all over again. We BlackBerry users, however, have a little BlackBerry magic in play and it comes courtesy of the new Remote feature found in BlackBerry Bridge 2.0.

With BlackBerry Remote you are able to actually control your PlayBook from the comfort of your couch. Once connected, the app mimics the PlayBook screen allowing you full control; even bezel swipes work from your touchscreen BlackBerry smartphone. 

If you are digging for that one killer feature, then I think this may be it - using your BlackBerry as a keyboard for the PlayBook. So many times I've found myself with my PlayBook connected to my big screen surfing YouTube for hours on end, swiping and typing with ease all from my Bold 9900 because of the keyboard and swipe features in the app.

Now that I've covered all the good points with the current implementation of the BlackBerry Remote, I thinks it's time I run though a few of the noteworthy limitations.  In my mind the most noteworthy would have to be the inability for you to use Remote while in games. I kind of think it would be cool to plug the PlayBook into the TV, grab a BlackBerry and have a little family time playing Uno or another card game. The second limitation is side scrolling, and it's most evident within BlackBerry App World. When RIM redesigned App World on the PlayBook they added a feature screen where you need to scroll left and right to see all of the featured application. Currently the Remote app won't let you two finger horizontal swipe to scroll left. So, while I know we already have a winner with this feature and OS 2.0 on the PlayBook. Once RIM works on the issues I've found we will have hit it out of the park with the PlayBook and the BlackBerry Remote.

Download the updated BlackBerry Bridge app

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