BlackBerry Curve 8900 Unlock Contest!

We did this contest for the Rogers Bold and AT&T Bold and we're doing it again in honor of all of you who waited so long and will soon have your hands on a shiny, new T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900...

Courtesy of the good folks at Horizon Wireless, we have 15 FREE Unlock Codes for the  BlackBerry Curve 8900 to give away. You'll be wanting to do this so you can swap SIMs when you take your 8900 traveling and save yourself some roaming dollars (or if you just want to use it on another carrier).

Contest Details: The contest is open to anybody who owns (or plans to own in the very near future) a BlackBerry Curve 8900! To enter, just be logged in to and make a comment on this blog post. Keep in mind we're a pretty easy going bunch of addicts here at CrackBerry, so while this contest is in honor of the T-Mo 8900 feel free to enter regardless - if you win and want your Bold or Pearl Flip or Storm or BlackBerry xxx unlocked the good folks at Horizon Wireless will make it happen. The contest will close Sunday at midnight EST (winners announced on Monday), so post your comment now!

Everybody Wins: In addition to the 15 free unlocks, Horizon Wireless has decided to do their part for the economy in these troubled times... until March 31st, you can save $10 on all unlock codes when you check out using coupon code 'economy'.  Enjoy!

Big thanks to Horizon Wireless - you can visit their site @