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Contest: Win A Free Copy Of PadersyncFM!

PadersyncFM is one of those applications that a lot of people will find useful if there is a need to access important files remotely - be it files on an office server or if you simply just need to access an ftp, say for example where your website is hosted.

PadersyncFM is just that application that allows you to do such things in a nice safe and secure manner as it includes one way file synchronization and 256 bit AES encryption. With PadersyncFM you can connect to FTP , FTPS(SSL), SFTP(SSH), WebDAV and SMB clients through either WiFi/WLAN or your devices cellular network.

It's a great application for those who need this sort of access and as a bonus the application creator has given us 100 free copies to hand out to the CrackBerry Nation, just leave a comment here for your chance to win. This is a steal as the application is regularly proced at $29.99 but is currently on sale till July 24th for only $22. Contest entry ends this Monday at Midnight PST.

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