SeaBattleSE by Toysoft

Who wants some head-to-head SeaBattleSE action with your BBM buddies?! You know you do, and Toysoft knows it too, which is why they have updated their SeaBattleSE game to take advantage of the new features coming with BBM6. Most everyone is familiar with the board game Battleship by Milton Bradley, and even if you're not, you won't have trouble picking up on the rules and strategy behind SeaBattleSE. The goal is to find and destroy your enemy’s ships before they destroy you. Each player starts with five ships of varying sizes and the first player to destroy all the enemy’s ships wins the game. SeaBattleSE is available for just $.99 and is compatible with BlackBerry 89xx, 95xx, 9630/50, 97xx, and 9800.

  • Supports BlackBerry OS5 and 6, touch and non-touch devices.
  • Invite any player in your BBM contact list to play, but both players MUST have BBM6 to use those features.
  • Random deployment of ships for quick game
  • Cool animation of ships on fire and vibration when ship is sunk
  • Chat with player during the game
  • Keep track of your wins and losses
For more information/screenshots and to purchase SeaBattleSE
Chat about the game in the forums

Contest: We have 50 free copies of SeaBattleSE for you guys courtesy of Toysoft! To enter, make sure you have a compatible device and the new BBM and then leave a comment below. Rules as usual: one entry per person, contest ends this Sunday at midnight. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go sink Bla1ze's battleship. :P