Learn French Today 

I currently have two apps on my BlackBerry from this developer, namely Battery Watch and Network Traffic Control. I have recently added a third app from S4BB, Learn French. Last time French was taught to me was back in high school where twice a week we'd be subject to counting, conversing and listening to our French teacher. I must admit French was never my strongest subject and never really got in to it. With having to remember what things were male or female (un or une), it got a little frustrating. Being older now, I have a little more patience and willingness to learn languages so I thought I'd give it a try. Read on to find out a little more.

Using the app itself is simple, however, getting started takes a little more time as you have to download the lessons. There are 107 lessons in all. You can of course pick and choose which ones you would like to download or you could download all 107 lessons. Though it would probably be best to sideload those instead, I'll explain later.

Learn French lessons list 

The 107 lessons are broken into five difficulty levels - Newbie, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced. And like I said they are separate from each other so you can take each lesson in any order you want. The lessons themselves are very easy to understand and follow. What I like about this app and way of learning is that the lessons cover everyday, living conversations, as opposed to the way we learned back in high school. It's bite-sized lessons easy to take in. You have simple lessons that just teach you how to say "Do you have some change?" or "That's not what I ordered", to more pressing situations where you need to ask why "My package still hasn't arrived".

Learn French lesson 

Now let's get back to sideloading all 107 lessons on to your BlackBerry. Within the app there is the ability to manually download the lessons, this process sends an email with instructios on where to download all the lessons from. Once you have that just unpack the file and then transfer the files to the 'learnfrench' folder in your memory card. From there it's just as simple as playing whatever lessons you want to learn that day. One thing I would like to see is the ability to rewind within the lessons, at the moment you only have the ability to play, pause and go back to the beginning. Other than that it's an awesome app that I have found very helpful. If you've wanted to give learning French a try, it's a good place to start. Even more, from within the app you can click the link that takes you to a website where you can get updated lessons and even the transcripts and vocabulary for the lessons. The app is available from App World and Mobihand for $4.99 but you can check out the contest below to get a free copy.

Contest: The developer of Learn French, S4BB, has sent us 50 free copies to pass on to you guys! To enter, leave a comment below. The contest ends Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

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