Like Slacker Radio? So do we. While slacker offers their basic free version to everyone, there is nothing like having on-demand access to Slacker’s whole music library in addition to ad-free customizable radio. Not forgetting the many other great features Slacker offers:

  • Search and listen to specific songs or albums
  • Cache radio stations, albums and playlists to your smartphone so you can listen without a connection (better battery life, no data usage and uninterrupted playback)
  • Create playlists by typing in songs or by adding them while you listen to Slacker Radio stations and even share them with others.
  • View and listen to real-time "top 50" charts for all Slacker genres based on listener and Slacker DJ interaction
  • Listen to an artist-specific station that will only play songs from a specific artist or band (i.e. Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix etc..)
The Slacker Premium Radio service does cost $9.99/mnth but -- we like you guys and luckily, Slacker likes us. That said; they've given us 5 3-month subscriptions to give away to some lucky readers. Drop a comment on this post, we'll pick 5 of you all at a later time as winners. In the meantime, check out the Slacker website to download their free version.