Scanmonster by LSphone

LSphone is the developer of several BlackBerry utility applications that help you keep a close watch on what's going on behind the scenes of your device. They just let us know that they have taken 4 of their most popular apps and rolled them into one, forming Scanmonster. This application has everything you could want in a monitoring app including menu integration to show time, date, battery level & temperature, free memory, and open-apps count. You can click on any one of these items for more details and to perform a variety of tasks to recover memory or improve performance. Scanmonster is on sale right now for $1.99 (regularly $2.99) and is compatible with most BlackBerry smartphones.

Some other features include:

  • Detailed meters, instant/auto memory recovery or log erase, scan invisible apps.
  • Temp hi/lo monitor, overheat alarm.
  • Force-delete apps and modules, start background apps and services that may have failed or not started after installation.
  • Detailed meters (see screenshot) show RAM and Flash memories, file space free (internal, card, and application memory), virtual machine object distribution & handles, battery details such as voltage, charging rate, temperature, and status flags.
  • "Mercury" feature records highest & lowest temperature since phone started, and long-term, noting any too hot or cold.
  • Click "Memory" reading for instant lossless recovery of RAM and Flash, known as "garbage collection"; gains are shown. Select deeper options, such as erasing caches, clearing the log, or a Deep Recovery which requests apps to free some memory.
  • Automatic features (optional) include opportune timing of automatic lossless recovery, erasing of caches, and clearing of the log.

For more information/screenshots and to purchase Scanmonster

Contest: If you're interested in winning a copy of Scanmonster, leave a comment below telling us which feature you're most interested in. We have 100 copies to give away! One entry per person, winners will be chosen Sunday at midnight PST.