If you're like most people, there has been a time in your life when you forgot someone's birthday or anniversary, or an important appointment. Or maybe you've been on the other side and someone forgot to attend an event you had organized. Wouldn't it be nice if there was an easy way to remember these occasions, and to help others remember them too? Look no further, because QuiteSimple has developed an application that will solve those problems.

RemindMe is an all-in-one reminder and notifier that is tightly integrated with your BlackBerry Calendar, Contacts and Maps. When you create a new event in RemindMe you have the option to have an appointment automatically added to your calendar along with a reminder. All you have to do is define the name of the event, when it will happen, who will participate, and specify its location. Then you can set the reminder note and choose to send automatic email notification to all participants on the date of the event. When it is time, the reminder email is sent to the other participants' email addresses as listed in your Contacts. Notification will include the name and date of the event, reminder note (as specified), location and links to BB Maps and Google maps to show the location. The icon for RemindMe even changes as the date of the event nears, and changes again on the day of the event.

RemindMe was chosen as a Regional Selection in the BlackBerry Super App Challenge 2010 in late September. Competition is fierce in this challenge, so to make it even this far says a lot about any app, and you're really going to want to see what RemindMe has to offer you.

Contest: QuiteSimple has given us 25 licenses for RemindMe to pass on to you guys. To enter, leave your comment below. One comment per person as multiple entries won't count. Winners will be chosen randomly at Midnight PST this Sunday. Good luck!