Official BlackBerry Watch

Last week at WES 2010 I won this Roots RIM watch at the BlackBerry Blogs Tweet-Up. Though I am a watch addict almost as much as I am a BlackBerry one (one of these years I'd love to start up a watch-dedicated do you like the domain for a watch site??) I figured I'd pay it forward with this sweet schwag to a lucky reader of

How to Win this RIM Watch: As tech writers and passionate consumers, it's sometimes easy to focus on the negative... we pick on where things need to improve and what we want to see and forget about the pure awesomeness we already have in our hands. So for this contest, in the tone of the BEP, I want to focus on the positivity. Just drop a comment to this post letting us know Why You LOVE Your BlackBerry and how it's made a positive impact on your life for your chance to win. That's it. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Now let's feel some BlackBerry LOVE.