iLike by Bbt Designs

Themes that replicate other operating systems are popular, and there is a new one on the scene to change the look of your BlackBerry. Bbt Designs has developed iLike and iLike OS7 and they are hot! As you can guess from the name, iLike brings the iOS feel to your device without sacrificing all the things you love about BlackBerry. With crisp graphics made from scratch for each device and features not found in other themes, iLike will blow you away. Currently, iLike is available for most BlackBerry smartphones, and iLike OS7 is only available for the Bold 9650, 97xx, and 9800 (on BB6) with more devices coming soon.

  • On OS6 devices, find your in-call buttons in the center of the screen, just like on iOS. Even see your Home screen wallpaper.
  • Have your Home wallpaper show through or set a unique Lock wallpaper, separate from your Home wallpaper.
  • Never before seen animations on the Home screen. Watch your icons fly in and out just like on iOS when you hide and show your icons. See your wallpaper and banner slide up just like on iOS when the Options Panel is activated.
  • Choose to hide all the icons, or just 1 row.
  • Choose to hide the dock, choose to have icon names hidden, choose an iOS-styled weather icon and choose to hide or show your Today panel.
  • Match your wallpaper by choosing from 5 built-in colors on the Home screen.
  • Home screen access to up to 17 icons plus more applications via shortcut keys and banner items.
  • Swipe to the right from your icons to find your upcoming Calendar items and latest Text Messages. Alternatively, use the paged circles above the dock to navigate between your Icons, Today Area and Options Panel (animated).
  • Available with iOS icons or BB7 icons, so even if you aren't a fan of iOS you can enjoy iLike's custom style.
From now until the end of July you can pick up any of Bbt Design's themes (with the exception of iLike) for half off using coupon code Bbt50! You can check out all of their awesome themes at the link below. And if you want a chance at a free copy of iLike or iLike OS7, drop a comment on this post! We have 25 copies to give away. (Contest ends Sunday at midnight PST, one entry per person.) Please note: This code will only work from the mobile app store or mobile app store client from your device.

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