We first got word of BerryAddon a few weeks ago, and it has quickly become a favorite among the community. The all-in-one utility lets you easily tweak your device by adding a firewall, email signature, vibration features and more. The beta has gone over well with users thus far, and more features are sure to follow. BerryAddon is on its way to a full release and head to BlackBerry App World, but as we all know, RIM frowns upon apps with any "Berry" name in their title.

Since BerryAddon needs a new name, we extend this mission to you, the CrackBerry community. What do you think is the perfect name for this app? BerryAddon is a great fit, but it needs a RIM/BlackBerry-less title to make it App World friendly. Leave a comment on this post with what you think would be the best title for BerryAddon. What do you think BerryAddon should be called? Super Utility? Sir Tweaks-A-Lot? The folks at Twinkler Software will choose what name they think best fits and will rebrand BerryAddon for its journey from here on out. The grand prize winner of the chosen name (1st to submit chosen name if submitted more than once) will receive a full lifetime license for the renamed BerryAddon as well as a $50 Gift Certficiate. We also have 50 free copies of the software to give away, and by leaving your comment/name suggestion you will be automatically entered to win. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. The software should sell for around $14.95 on its full release (should be available for purchase in about a week), so you don't want to miss this chance. Only one comment per person please, and remember you can't use "Berry" in the title. Be sure to follow all the latest news and updates from Twinkler Software on Twitter @twinklersoft as well.