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Incipio Ultra Light Feather case

Looking for a case for your BlackBerry that won't add any bulk? Check out Incipio's Ultra Light Feather case. Available in 5 different colors, this case is super lightweight and made out of a strong polymer that allows it to be durable yet still thin. The case snaps on easily and stays secure; it's not going to just fall off. If you're looking for a case that covers your device completely, this one probably isn't for you. You can see from the pictures it only covers the back and sides, leaving top and bottom exposed as well as the keyboard and screen. However, if you're in the market for a bit of protection in a low profile case you'll probably really like this Incipio case.

I have the Midnight Blue color, which is actually more of a dark purple than blue. The case also comes in Black, Magenta, Dark Purple, and Molina Red for the Bold 97xx, though the other devices have some variances in color choice. The Incipio Ultra Light Feather case is available in the CrackBerry store for $17.95 - $29.95 depending on device. A picture of the back of the case and a pretty close representation of the Midnight Blue color is after the break, as well as details on entering the contest.

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Contest: Want to get one of these for free from Just leave a comment to this review and tell us which device you want to cover with the Incipio case. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave a single comment. One lucky winner will have this device shipped directly from

Incipio Ultra Light Feather case