Effortless by Z Man Designs
Looking for a new theme that not only looks awesome, but is easy to use, not bogged down with an overkill of hot spots, hidden this and that, and keys to press just to do basic functions? Z Man Designs heard you were looking for that, and they have developed Effortless, a hot new theme that you don't need a user manual to figure out.

Effortless features one simple hidden dock, custom battery and signal meters, weather, and a clock/date that is clear and easy to read. The icons are bright, sharp, and provide just the right amount of contrast against the subtly colorful backgrounds and darker banners. You can pick up Effortless in the CrackBerry store for $2.99 for your BlackBerry 91xx, 93xx, 9650/70, 97xx, and 9800 (BB6 only at this time).

For more information and to purchase Effortless

Contest: We have 30 free copies of Effortless to give away this weekend courtesy of Z Man Designs! Entering is, well, effortless! Just make sure you have one of the compatible BlackBerry devices listed above, and leave a comment below. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!