Camera Plus

One thing that has always bothered me about BlackBerry email is how it handles attachments. It's not exactly always easy to attach multiple images and files with the way it is set up on OS 5. BlackBerry 6 has improved upon that but, since BlackBerry 6 thus far is limited to one device that doesn't really help the majority of users out there right now. Camera Plus has a nice fix for us all. That fix, comes in the form of a rather simple application which allows you to quickly and easily add up to 5MB of images to any email.


  • Photo Album Creation
  • Multiple picture handling
  • Editing Capabilities
  • Email Integration
  • Full-screen Preview of photos
  • File explorer for attaching existing photos
  • Total File Size Indicator 

Snap pics using the app, sort the ones you want and discard the ones you don't. Email them off to friends, family members of even places like Twitpic or Posterous. Multiple images sent easily as it should be. We got 50 copies to give away as well so, be sure to drop a comment here for your chance to win. Contest will run till Sunday, 12AM PDT after which winners will be chosen in an upcoming post. Good luck and thanks to Wickid Apps.

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