At CES, Thumbplay was showing off their music app for BlackBerry and announced a private beta for the new service. The Unlimited Music App is a subscription based service that allows you to stream music (you don't actually purchase the songs) from Thumbplay's huge database on both your device and PC. You can create playlists, wirelessly sync, use autoplaylists and buy songs right from the app. The full app should be available in the coming weeks and will be priced at $9.99/month.

Contest: The Thumbplay Unlimited Music App is currently in private beta, but we have 50 free 30-day subscriptions to give away. This will get you a sneak peak before everyone else. To use the app, you'll have to have a US phone number and be using either a Tour 9630, Bold 9000 or Curve 8900. To enter, just leave a comment on this post. Contest ends this Monday at Midnight PST. Good luck!