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Social Business Communicator Offers Access To LinkedIn

Just in case you are a little tired of waiting for the official LinkedIn app for BlackBerry, here's something you might be interested in. Social Business Communicator is a new, free app available for download that is currently in beta. No doubt the options are limited at this time, but the app does show some promise for the long haul. Since it is a beta application, you can check it out and offer the developers some feedback based on what you would like to see put into the application as it grows.

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Registration Now Open For Australian BlackBerry Developers Day

Some news for the folks down under today. Research In Motion will be holding a BlackBerry developer day for all Australian developers to attend. The course is open for registration on a first come, first serve basis and is being held free of charge. If you are looking to learn more about BlackBerry development and live near Sydney you'll want to look into taking this oppurtunity to take in some knowledge from the experts. The course will be held on March 24th at The Hilton Sydney, 488 George Street, Sydney.

[ @TferThomas ]

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Contest Winners, ZenMinder, VQ Carfinder, Sands, ThumbPlay, Tether, BerryBlab and More!

Spring is almost here and the contests just keep coming. Another action packed week for giveaways. We had great offerings with ZenMinder, BerryBlab, Addictive Tower Defense, Wheres My Phone, Tether, VQ Carfinder and more. Hit the jump to see if you're one of the lucky winners. If you're a retailer or developer and interested in running a contest of your own, drop us a line at editorial(at) Congrats to all the winners!

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Iconify version 1.1.0 for BlackBerry Smartphones Review

Speed, thy name is BlackBerry. Whenever you want to go online, BAM, you’re there. Whenever you want to email someone, KA-POW, it’s sent. Whenever you want to make a phone call, ZOOM, you’re connected. Whenever you watch the 1960s Batman series, you’ll probably see BAM, KA-POW and ZOOM there as well. It’s understood that speed is addictive, as is your BlackBerry. For both addictions, the need for speed drives you to achieve even greater velocity. You want to find ways to get what you need with less effort and less time. You want to accelerate any processes in order to become more efficient, but don’t really want to put in any more work than you need to. Well what steps do you need to take to make things easier to access? What kind of shortcuts can you take? Let’s think about it for a second – what’s one of the first things you do when you want to make items easier to access on your computer? Create a desktop shortcut, right!

Iconify, is an amazing application that allows you to create quick access icons to websites and contacts that are easily found on your BlackBerrys home screen. Check out the review after the THWAP!

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Get Your Daily Horoscope on your BlackBerry with BeHoroscope - 75 Copies to be Won!

BeHoroscope by QuiteSimple brings your daily horoscope to your BlackBerry smartphone. After choosing your zodiac sign, you are now able to view the days (or any days) horoscope. It uses a ranking system, giving 1-5 stars for such categories as work, finance, love, health, and of course they could not leave out the BlackBerry category. The app will also display your current zodiac sign on the BeHoroscope icon. Its a very simple application, sure to please those of you who love your daily horoscopes (my Twitter timeline is full of you :) ).  The app is available for all BlackBerry devices running OS 4.2.1 and up, and nicely priced at $0.99.

Contest: We have 75 copies of BeHoroscope to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

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Center For Disabilities Embraces BlackBerry Technology

The 25th Annual International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference kicks off in San Diego, Ca on March 22nd - 27th. While many courses and hands on labs will be held during this time one things of interest to BlackBerry users with disabilities is sure to be the "Creating Closed Captioned Content for BlackBerry Smartphones" lab. This lab in particular will be held on Thursday, March 25, 2010 - 10:40 - 11:40 AM PST.

Lately, we have seen a growth in adoption of BlackBerry offerings for those out there with disabilities and this is a great chance to learn how to cater to the needs of those individuals. As we all know, BlackBerry is a great communication tool already. Great labs like this, serve to bring the offerings to those who might have challenges on other platforms out there.

[ @TferThomas / @reallyrosie ]

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3 Of The Hottest Elecite Premium Themes Now On Sale For Only $0.99

Here is a sweet deal for anyone who has previously thought of purchasing an Elecite theme but chose not to due to the price. From now until, March 18th you can grab Ace, Halcyon or Keen for only $.99 cents each. Personally, out of the three themes offered I'd have trouble deciding which to grab and would likely end up buying all three. Have at em folks and let us know which is your favorite in the comments.

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BIS 3.0 Arrives In EMEA Missing GMail Sync Feature?

* UPDATE- After speaking with several folks, it looks as though the GMail 2 way sync portion is to be a gradual rollout. So no immed. access is available, it should arrive in the near future to users. Taking this approach ensures that all will work fine rather than releasing something then finding out it may cause an issue*

We've been talking about the BIS 3.0 upgrade for a while now. And while nothing really overly exciting was to come from the update, the one thing it had going for it appears to have been ripped out. Users in Europe are among the first to get the newly launched BIS 3.0 but many have been reporting that 2 way GMail sync did not arrive as expected. Say it isn't so? 2 Way GMail sync was one of the key features of this upgrade coming in the form of enhancements to the GMail plugin.

While all other things seem in place, Open Office support and items such as the update to the carrier portals as shown above from the pics sent to us from BB Master. The mystery behind the absence of 2 way GMail sync seems rather odd considering the Official BlackBerry Support forums are even claiming it's supposed to of have been released with this update. However, when you access the Research In Motion knowledgebase you'll see that the documentation there shows nothing regarding 2 Way GMail sync. The line, as shown on the official support forums has been removed from the knowledge base entry.

Since users are reporting the service does not seem to be available to them we're thinking someone, somewhere may have messed up with the documentation. In all actuality, we may not see 2 way GMail sync until BIS 3.1 is rolled out. In the meantime, sit tight while we dig a little bit deeper into this story and try and find out what exactly the real deal is here.

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Verizon Customers Forced To Update Data Plans (from BIS to BES) For BESX Usage

One of the most compelling features of BESX has been kicked to the curb for Verizon users. When Research In Motion released BESX, they clearly made note of the fact BES data plans would not be needed. I'm guessing Verizon skipped over that memo as it's now been confirmed that Verizon is going after the cash grab and forcing users to upgrade their BIS plans to a BES plan in order to use BESX. It all seems pretty shady on Verizons part if you ask me. You can read the full memo sent out to tech support reps after the jump.

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Fandango Rolls Out Digital Barcode Movie Ticket System

Fandango is making the move to bring movie goers into the future by going paperless. The internet movie giant is testing out a plan to use 2D barcodes in theaters instead of the age-old physical paper tickets. Your tickets are delivered to a mobile device in the form of a barcode which the ticket taker can scan with a provided 2D scanner. A great move in making things easier and eliminating the need to pick up your purchased tickets once you arrive at the theater. Fandango is starting out with just a few theaters to start (hit the jump for the full list) but hopefully more will follow along in the near future.


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AddOnis Updated to v1.4.8/9 - 40 Copies to be Won!

Addonis is an application that brings the features of 5 or 6 apps, into 1. Its features include an autolock, SMS signature, "Send To" options, along with many different phone features and integration. Bla1ze recently posted on the AddOnis update bringing OS 5.0 support. This update also is the first to take advantage of the new lock/standbye features found in the recent builds of OS 5.0. Due to positive feedback from the previous post, Twinkler Software has decided to give away some copies to the CrackBerry Nation. You can pick up AddOnis in the CrackBerry App store for $6.99 for all devices on OS 4.5 and higher.

Contest: We have 40 copies of AddOnis to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

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Give Me Back That Filet-O-Fish ... and My BlackBerry Pearl

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

Apparently not everyone has given up on the good ol' Pearl. It looks like McDonalds thinks it is still suitable to hold its own in their latest commercial. It does get some decent airtime, and man is that jingle catchy (you can snag the ringtone here). Check out the video above for a quick laugh, and good luck getting that song out of your head by the end of the day :-)

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BerryBuzz Updated to Version 2.2 - Adds Backup/Restore Feature and More

BerryBuzz has been updated to version 2.2 and adds some cool new features. If you don't already know, BerryBuzz is a great app that allows you to fully customize your LED for various apps, letting you choose a different color for each alert (check out the video above for a full walkthrough). The latest version adds support for BerryWeather and the Gmail app as well as support for stopping notifications when messages have been marked opened via two-way sync/BES. The coolest feature is the ability to backup and restore your BerryBuzz settings to your media card - super handy when installing a new OS as you can get it back up and running with just a few clicks (maybe Bellshare was listening to our last podcast). The update is free for current users, or $5.95 for new users. Head to the CrackBerry App Store for more.

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BlackBerry Theme Roundup for March 15th 2010 - 25 Copies of Touch Panels to be Won!

Contest: 25 Copies of Touch Panels to be won. Leave a comment!

We're back folks, with another installment of our weekly roundup, featuring our top picks for free and paid themes. Last week's "girly" roundup was well received, so rest assured that we'll be doing similar "themed" roundups in the future. The tip line has been a little quiet this week, but we've still managed to pull together some top-notch themes for your enjoyment. So, without further ado, hit the jump and let's take a look!

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Best of Smartphone Experts, 14 Mar 2010

Official OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9700 Released By TELUS

As spotted in the forums, if you are on TELUS and fanatical about running nothing but a carrier released OS you can now get your hands on OS Previously leaked then released on other carriers this one has been around for a while now. But, not everyone likes to run non official, non carrier released OS' so enjoy.

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More Hints At Verizons Push To Talk Services Found

Yesterday, Boy Genius dropped some whispers hinting that the long awaited OS 5.0 update for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 was coming in the next 2-3 weeks and that it was also bringing a new Push To Talk feature. As it turns out, the files needed for that new data plan using push to talk features has been turning up in the past two OS leaks for Tour owners. And from info gathered in the forums, Verizon is seemingly not really trying hard to hide it from end users either.

As posted in the forums, some skilfull folks have found through the Verizon wap website you can actually find and attempt to add the services to your Verizon account. While at this point, the files and the addition to your account doesn't mean you can get it to work. It certainly puts weight behind the timelines given for push to talk and the rumored 9650 release.

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CrackBerry Reminder: What You May Have Missed This Week

More BlackBerry Slider Pics Show Up Online

In an effort to give us all a better feel for the BlackBerry slider (aka 9700a as it has shown up as... at least for now anyways as that could easily and should change), the folks over at BBLeaks have got some more pics for us to gaze over. These pics give us a look at the back end of the device as well as give us a size idea by being compared to a BlackBerry Curve 8900. As with all prerelease devices, what we're looking at here is pre branded hardware. And while it may likely be close to "final form" the released models will have branding and such from carriers on them and will certainly look more polished. Past prerelease devices such as the Bold 9000 first showed up wearing a plastic battery door. A far stretch from the leather backing it arrived with at release. Some of you may remember the Bold 9700 was first seen with a trackball, so while pics give us a general idea, everything should be taken with a grain of salt until newer, branded hardware is spotted.

Still lots left to learn about this device as the days go by, hopefully we'll get to see a better look as many, many questions remain unanswered here. What about the camera? Is it 5MP and making use of the liquid lense we heard? Or is it still running the old 3.2MP that has been standard. What about the screen? Is it touchscreen? OS it's running, if any? Here’s to hoping someone out there can actually get an up close and personal look with one that actually powers on at some point. Now, with these new pictures showing up has it changed your thoughts on the device? One more picture after the break of the side by side with an 8900.

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Free Go Daddy Mobile App for BlackBerry Smartphones Lets You Register and Manage Your Domain Names

If you're a Go Daddy user looking for a quicker way to manage your domain names, you're in luck. Go Daddy has just released a free mobile app that allows you to keep up with all your domains right from your BlackBerry. You can search for and register domains, manage current domains, access Mobile Mail, manage email and hosting options and more. Definitely a handy app if you have more than a few Go Daddy sites to take care of. I'm not totally sure which devices the app is intended for as I couldn't find an officially landing page, but I have it up and running on both my Tour and Bold 9700. Hit the link below for direct OTA download.

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