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BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac

[ Note from Kevin: We know a lot of you were excited to see the Facebook note and tweet from @BlackBerry today that Desktop Manager for Mac was now available. While that didn't pan out and it's not officially available yet, we figured we'd bring you a little DM for Mac fix via a BlackBerry 101 article. Our pal Gary Mazo, VP and Partner of Made Simple Learning put this one together, which will...

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The folks at SmrtGuard have been collecting feedback from users for quite some time now. With all the feedback and support for SmrtGuard, they have been able to make some nice additions to the application while addressing a lot of user concerns at the same time. An update for SmrtGuard is now available for all users pushing it to version 1.98, all existing users are indeed recommended to grab...

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RIM Giveth Desktop Manager For Mac, Then Taketh Away!

* Update from Kevin: It was a boo-boo on somebody at RIM's part. Desktop Manager for Mac will not be launching today. However, we will bring you a little something special shortly though to get your Mac Desktop Manager fix for the day. * We all got a glimpse of BlackBerry Desktop Manager by now, be it through the leaked versions that popped up online or through the reviews and walk throughs...

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Palm Unveils the Pixi Phone

It's a bit of a slow news day in the world of BlackBerry (other than @BlackBerry announcing Desktop Manager for Mac was available today, which was a mistake and in fact is not... d'oh!) and it has been a while since we've ran a post in our Berry-Free Talk blog post category, so I thought we'd bring you a look at the newest smartphone to be making a splash on the interwebs - the Palm Pixi...

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New Lucky7Slots Slot Machine Game for Storm, Tour and Curve 8900

Looking for a quick, easy game to play? Well check out Lucky7Slots. We all know how the game works, so you're ready to play as soon as you download. Lucky7Slots has amazing graphics, realistic slot machine sounds, the ability to bet multiple credits and more. You can "swipe to spin" on the Storm or use the animated handle - you can even save your credits so you don't have to worry about losing...

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Get BBTran Pro for 50% Off Today Only!

On the heels of our contest last week, Sergey has decided to give away his BBTran Pro app for 50% off today. That means you can snag it for only $2.99 from the CrackBerry App Store (down from $5.99). BBTran Pro is a must have if you travel often or just find yourself needing a quick transaltion. It works for emails, sms, memos and more. The app supports over 50 languages and is one of the most...

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Slacker Radio Updated To Version 2.0.49

Just a few days ago there was an update to Slacker Radio and apparently it's already that time again. Slacker Radio has been updated from version 2.0.45 to 2.0.49 this time around and while there is no mention of a change log on the Slacker forums as of yet, some users were indeed having issues with 2.0.45 on their 9630's so maybe this is the fix for those bugs. If we come across a changelog...

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700 Marketing Image!

Our pal Al Sacco scored a bank error in his favor this morning when T-Mobile sent him a marketing image of the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9700 which was not accompanied by any embargo terms. I brought you live images of the T-Mobile branded Bold 9700 previously, but this marketing shot sure looks sweet. T-Mobile also sent along the following blurb, which still makes use of the "onyx" codename...

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Contest: 50 Free Copies of Empower SMS Viewer

Its no secret that BlackBerry users want threaded SMS, and back in July we got a great offering with Empower SMS Viewer. The application is totally customizable, and allows for threaded SMS that actually integrates with the native BlackBerry client. The features are endless, having the ability to change backgrounds, fonts, templates and more. SMS Viewer has been a big hit, and more features...

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What's Going On With Plazmic?

*UPDATE* - Just got an email from Mike Kirkup, Director, Developer Relations at Research In Motion explaining the happenings with Plazmic and their site and it is as I had hoped, an effort to reorganize and provide better offerings for developers. Thanks to Mike for taking the time to explain it for us all. This is one step among many to bring the Plazmic products inline with the other...

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Another great week of contests has come and gone, and more happy winners this week. We had some great new apps to give away with Fancy Characters, TrainSchedule and BBTran Pro, and some more SlideBerry Zoom and AppleBerry love. In case you missed it (though I'm not sure how) we have two HUGE contests still running through Sunday. Check out our Win a Custom Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Tour!!!...

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Free BlackHole Game for BlackBerry Storm

S4BB Limited has released their first free game for the BlackBerry Storm called BlackHole. Its a cool little game where you simply navigate objects into a ... you guessed it ... black hole. Nothing revolutionary, but it is a great time killer and a ton of fun to play. There are 9 levels with varying theme and difficulty, as well as user and high score management. The game is currently only...

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Yahoo! Fantasy Football '09 Now Available for BlackBerry

It's that season - everyone is getting their last minute fantasy football drafts in and getting ready for kickoff. Yahoo! is lending a helping hand with their Fantasy Football '09 app. If you are in a Yahoo! league, this is one app you don't want to be without. It gives you the ability to manage your roster, check live scores, add/drop players and check stats. This can give you that little...

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BigTinCan Disco Giveaway - Win a Curve 8520 or a Copy of BuzzMe Pro

I got a note from David at BigTinCan (makers of BuzzMe Pro & FaceCall) that they have hit 1,000,000 users across their BlackBerry apps, and to celebrate the milestone, they are giving away five unlocked Curve 8520s. To get in on the action, you just need to submit a video showing how you use one of their products. The catch? You have to do it with some disco flair. For full details, check...

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Leaked: OS for BlackBerry Tour 9630

It looks like OS for the Tour 9630 has popped up on the web today. This OS isn't a huge step forward for Tour owners, but at least its something new. No word if this is actually an improvement over the stock OS, but drop a comment and let us know your findings. *OS Disclaimer - This is an unofficial release. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're...

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txtForward: SMS to Email Forwarding

This may not be the case for everybody but for me, I used to rarely use SMS to communicate. There has only been a slight increase of SMS activity on my BlackBerry smartphone. What’s the reason? There isn’t actually any real reason that I can think of. Most of my wireless communication typically happens via email, phone calls, BlackBerry Messenger or through third party apps. After thinking...

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Best of Smartphone Experts, 6 Sept. 2009

HTC Hero Official on Sprint! No Mail-in Rebates at Best Buy on the Hero Samsung Galaxy I7500 Now Available in the UK Win a custom-painted ColorWare BlackBerry Tour! BlackBerry Bold 9700 on Video - Gets compared to Bold 9000 and Curve 8900. Video: Typing test on the next generation...

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Official Released For BlackBerry Curve 8520

This one is for the 8520 owners out there. Carrier BASE has released the latest official OS for the 8520, although without a change log kind of hard to say what has changed within this release. I was able to download and upgrade my 8520 with no issues. Personally, I'd rather see a 5.0 leak but I'm sure that will come with time, besides the 8520 has a rock solid OS as it is. Download The...

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Free Precision Rotunda Theme For Tour And 8900

Trimax84 is back in theming action, you all may remember Trimax84 from his Classy Corners themes which were insanely popular. This time around Trimax84 has given us a free version of one of his upcoming premium themes as a taste of things to come. Precision Rotunda is now available for the BlackBerry Tour and Curve 8900 and looks great on em' both. Since Precision Rotunda uses the original...

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Video: Typing on the Next Generation BlackBerry Storm

With all the BlackBerry Bold 9700s and Storm 9550/9520's floating around out there, I hope over the next couple of weeks RIM just announces these devices so we know just exactly when all of us can get our hands on one. This time around our pal salomondrin is backto show off just how fast typing on the next generation BlackBerry Storm will be. The video is short and sweet, but is guaranteed...

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