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This is sweeeeet! While you're waiting on your BlackBerry Tour to complete its operating system upgrade, you may just want to jump over to the ShopCrackBerry store and check out what just got added... replacement battery doors for the Tour! These are OEM (BlackBerry brand) doors and come in a variety of colors. Blue and red are already in stock and shipping, and our e-commerce team let me...

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** UPDATE: WEIRD.... Apparently RIM has pulled the update and users are no longer getting it via Desktop Manager. Some users have experienced errors in the upgrade process (see thread), so possibly this is related to RIM pulling it. ** After OS leaked out yesterday, according to the talk in our BlackBerry Tour forums it seems the update has become official and update emails are...

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iSkins for BlackBerry: Review and Giveaway!

Contest details at the end of this article.... keep reading, and good luck! Your beautiful BlackBerry; is there a sexier smartphone out there? I think not, nor would my eyes ever dare to wander. Okay, so my BlackBerry addiction isn't that bad, or else I'd have a whole new set of issues to deal with. You do have to admit that RIM's line up (past, current and future) is quite stunning....

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BerryPopup Updated - 50% Off Through Saturday

BerryPopup has been on the sidelines for the most part while BerryScroll and BerryBuzz got some attention, but has now been updated with some new features to version 1.1. BerryPopup is a popup alert for your emails that displays a preview of emails on your device before actually opening the message. The updates include: Added option to mark all e-mails as read when the popup is closed using...

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Deal of the Day: Get Empower SMS Viewer for 50% Off!

If you're tired of waiting for RIM to roll out threaded SMS in an official operating system update, today is a great day to take advantage of the next best thing - Empower SMS Viewer. This has been a top selling app in the CrackBerry App Store and until midnight (cst) tonight you can grab it for 50% off it's regular price... that's $7.49 vs. $14.99. SMS Viewer features include: Customizable...

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Free DUB Contact Card App Easily Sends Your Contact Info

Chris of DubMeNow just sent me an email to let me know that DUB Contact Card is the featured app in BlackBerry App World. A free download, DUB lets you easily swap information with other users with only a few clicks. This is a great tool for business users who need to swap contact info quickly and efficiently. DUB will even update your information automatically, so if you change your address...

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Free Reverie Theme for BlackBerry Bold & Curve 8900

Cruising the forums for some good themes, I came across this one for the Bold and Curve 8900. Reverie is about as simple as it gets. This full screen theme shows no icons on the homescreen, allowing you to fully show off your wallpaper. There is a small banner along the bottom with meters and notifiers as well as a Quicklaunch button. This is as clean as a theme can get, and I love the look of...

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BlackBerry App Roundup for September 18th, 2009!

Happy mid-September everyone. As per usual, lots of good stuff in BlackBerry Software to check out this week. Getting right down to it, I've got the following apps covered in this weeks' edition of the roundup: In Case You Missed It: UberTwitter Teams up with TweetPhoto, MyCart Updated to Version 2.3, Sports Illustrated for BlackBerry, BBScanner Updated, ScoreMobile Updated New This Week...

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80's Classic Spy Hunter Now Available from Electronics Arts

Running through the newest App World additions I came across this one and couldn't resist posting about it. Spy Hunter is one of my favorite games of all time, and it has finally made its way to BlackBerry. The game is a straight up port from the arcade classic. The graphics are just what they used to be (which is nothing great) and the game runs smooth on my Tour. You can play in either...

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BatteryInfo App Shows Charging Status, Temperature & More

Toysoft has just dropped another useful app that should come in very handy. BatteryInfo is a simple app that shows your battery charging percentage, temparture, estimated charge time and more while the device is charging. When you plug in to charge, the information is displayed in an easy to read format, complete with custom wallpaper and a big ol' battery icon. Pretty straight up stuff on...

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BlackBerry Tour Video: Good Trackball vs. Bad Trackball

Following up on last night's BlackBerry Tour Trackball issues post/poll, there's been a ton of interest and feedback on the topic. For BlackBerry owners who frequent the CrackBerry BlackBerry Tour forums, none of this is really news, as those who have been dealing with the issue first hand know the issues and fixes. If you're not familiar with the situation, the biggest takeway currently is...

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Tour!

In case trackball issues and return rate statistics have you down about your BlackBerry Tour, a new operating system version has leaked for the device to take your mind off it. You can now download OS and give it a whirl! If you do, be sure to report your findings in the forums! *OS Disclaimer - This is an unofficial release. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only...

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TimelyMed Reminds You To Take Your Pills

If you have any kind of medical condition and have to take medication daily, you know what its like try and remember to take your medication during the day. We get caught up in meetings, phone calls or just find ourselves running around and it sometimes just slips our mind. Well TimelyMed has come up with a solution to help make things easier. The application is fully programmable to remind...

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KBLauncher Easily Launches and Switches Applications

Ever wish that you could access your applications quickly, without having to scroll through icons or folders to get to them? Well with KBLauncher, running an application is as easy as typing in its name. The app works as a "command line" for your BlackBerry - you simply start typing in the name of an application, and a list will show with matching applications. Select the one you want to run (...

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Hedone let us know about another great new theme he just released. DigitalPro has a very sleek look and professional layout. It breaks the norm by having the banner on the bottom of the screen, as well as "rapid access" icons. There are two versions available - a 6-icon version and a 10-icon version - both of which are totally customizable. This theme is custom from head to toe and its...

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Make Free Phone Calls Through Twitter with @Call

I'll admit this one made me laugh when I saw it, and I didn't quite believe it. I had kind of a "what will they think of next" reaction, but after looking into it a bit, it does seem promising. The premise of JAJAH @Call is simple - you just need to sign up for their service (the person you're calling needs to be signed up as well) and then send a tweet to call them. So if I wanted to call...

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  Have you experienced difficulty or returned your BlackBerry Tour due trackball issues?(polls)   * Update: Well there you have it. A quick 5,500+ votes later, and the trend is clear... the claim of the BlackBerry Tour return rate approaching 50% jives with what the community is reporting. Some 26% of Tour owners returned their device once, while another 15% have returned their unit...

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It REALLY wants to fit, it really, really does...but just doesn't! :( We already answered this week the question of whether the Storm II (9550/9520) weighs more or less than its predecessor. If you missed the answer to that, you can check out the overkill in part I and part II. Another Storm II question/concern that's popped up in the Storm 9550/9520 forums several times now is in...

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Go Case-Mate Accessory Crazy On Your BlackBerry

Above: Case-Mate Vroom for the Curve 8900 and Barely There for Curve 8520     Fuel Case 8900 Clear Armor Tour   Vroom Storm   Barely There II Our awesome e-commerce team added some sweet Case-Mate BlackBerry accessories to the ShopCrackBerry store today that I wanted to highlight here quick on the blogs. Depending on the device model...

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Contest: 100 Free Copies of Premium Centrifuge Theme!

Jason of JM Designs was kind enough to give us 100 free copies of his Centrifuge theme to give away. This theme is very unique and features a scrolling "icon wheel" on the homescreen. The wheel turns as you move the trackball to select an icon, and pressing the menu key brings up the standard icon screen. The theme has some very cool animations as well as some neat shortcuts for the weather...

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